About us…

“How to build a city” is a platform to promote informed discussion on our cities and give you an opportunity to post articles, connect to podcasts and comment on articles written by others.

Cities are highly complex creations.

Their issues are manyfold, with a variety of solutions to each problem. Some solutions will continue to reinforce existing problems of inequity, congestion, expense and liveability. Our cities are very nuclear, where the inner suburbs are close to jobs and excellent services, but are expensive and generally, only for the well off. Increasingly the rest of our cities, where the vast majority of us live, are less well served and are effectively dormitory suburbs.

All too often however the views of the public, professionals, government, business, the media and academics are clouded by vested or narrow interests, naïve views on how cities work or simply a lack of knowledge. The solution is to lift the discussion to increase the focus on what type of cities we wish to live in, and ask our politicians to implement long term, clear and sustainable actions to build the type of cities we want.

For this to happen we need a wide group of informed people, knowledgeable about cities, to participate in this discussion. The purpose of this site is to add to the discussion and play a small role in shifting opinions to a more factually based view of our cities.

We encourage you to subscribe, read, comment on posts and submit articles setting out your views for publication. Articles should be generally up to 1000 words, and can be forwarded by email to publisher@howtobuildacity.com. It would be appreciated if you could include a short bio to attach to your article.

Comments can be made directly at the bottom of each article.

All articles and comments will be moderated to ensure all items are polite and, hopefully at the very least, broadly factual in nature. It may take a couple of days for these to be posted.

In closing this is an independent site, with no external funding, or commercial links.

Thanks for participating in better planning for our cities.